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Analyze and explore your data just asking

In April 2023 we introduced a new feature that allows users to automate data transformation using AI. With this feature, users can describe the transformation they want to perform on their data, and the AI will generate the Python code necessary to execute the transformation. This code can then be added to a pipeline step to ensure that the transformation happens each time the data is updated.

To use this feature, simply describe the transformation you want to perform on your data, and the AI will generate the Python code to implement it. You can describe the transformation to the AI, and it will generate the Python code necessary to make the transformation happen. Once the code is generated, you can add it to a pipeline step and the transformation will be automatically applied each time the data is updated.

When working with economic or financial data, it is often necessary to perform various transformations and reshapes to analyze the data more effectively. Some common transformations include log transformation, difference transformation, moving average, standardization, winsorization, and categorical encoding. Additionally, reshaping techniques like pivoting, melting, and stacking can be used to reorganize data for easier analysis.

All this can now be done in Alphacast by just Asking the AI!


Create descriptive reports on the fly!

With Alphacast AI you can write descriptive reports of the data in seconds. the AI will read the data and create a human-readable description in seconds.


Get inspiration and help to discover new data

The AI on your platform Alphacast can now help users search and recommend content from different datasets or data integrations. This feature allows users to quickly find the data they need without having to manually search for it. The datasets available for searching can include those provided by Alphacast, as well as third-party data sources like Yahoo Finance or FRED Saint Louis.

To use this feature, simply ask the AI for data recommendation, and it will provide you with the most relevant data based on your query. For example, if you want to find the stock price for a specific company, you can ask the AI for stock price data and provide the name of the company. The AI will then search through the available datasets and return the relevant data to you.


With these new features, users of Alphacast can now access and transform data more easily than ever before. Whether you're searching for data or transforming it, the AI on Alphacast can help make the process faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

Last updated on May 4, 2023