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Apply transform

In this step, the user will be able to make changes to the original data depending on the frequency of the data and combine the different transformations. The type of transform depends on the frequency of the input data has, daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly

Year over Year Change: Interannual change.

3 month moving average.

Constant Prices: Can remove the impact of inflation and observe the real evolution of variables.

Month over Month Change: Monthly variation.

Percent Of the GDP: The portion or share of a variable relative to the size of a country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Sum Last 12 Month: Adding up the values of a particular variable over the previous 12 months.

12-month average: Annual moving average.

Seasonlly Adjusted: Refers to data that has been modified or standardized to remove the effects of seasonal variations.

Currency Conversion LCU/USD: refers to the process of converting a certain amount of a country's currency, which is represented by LCU (local currency unit), into the equivalent amount in United States dollars (USD), using an exchange rate.

Currency Conversion BCS/USD – Argentina Only

Year to Date Change: The percentage of change from the beginning of the current year up to the present date.

Year to Date Sum: The sum from the beginning of the current year up to the present date.

Per Capita: Total amount of a variable / total population of it´s country.

Sum Last 4 quarters

4 quarters average

Quarter Over Quarter: Quarterly change

30 days average

30 days change

30 days sum

7 days average

1 day change

7 days change